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Mechanical keyboards

Wed, 29 Sep 2021 • 00:52:48

Just for the heck of it and because this is upload 101, I talk about mechanical keyboards with Josh, Franklin and Tommy. A special celebration for my 100 published episodes milestone.

Josh on  Twitter.
Franklin on Twitter.
Tommy on Twitter.

Josh uses a homebuilt Ergodox, an Ergodox EZ and a Moonlander.
Franklin uses the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard.
Tommy uses an IQUnix A80 Explorer.
Jeroen uses an Atreus and an IQUnix L80 Formula Typing.

This is the Model-100 mentioned.
This is the  DAS Keyboards mentioned.
This is Josh' Moonlander layout.

Intro on keyboard switches by Switch and Click.
How to Choose The BEST Mechanical Keyboard For You! This doesn't take split layout keyboards into account though.

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