Other Consulting Services

If there is anything you think I can help you with, please get in touch. Below are some examples of things I can help you with.

Mac Maintenance

If you need some help with general setup, maintenance, advice or just some help. I can help you get the most from your Apple.

Mac Backup Setup

I can set you up with a very solid and cost effective setup based on the services offered by Backblaze.

Small business web and email hosting

For small businesses I can host and setup a small web and email package for a very low recurring yearly fee..

iOS App Maintenance

Do you have an app in the iOS App Store, then you probably want to maintain it. Apple releases new versions of iOS. The person who developed the app is no longer working for you or has shifted his/her focus. You might be running into problems like bad reviews due to crashes.

A simple, monthly payment and your app will continue being updated as bugs arise and new iOS versions and devices are released. An occasional update will keep you customers convinced your app is here to stay.

How does it work.

  1. I maintain native (Swift/Objective-C) Apps.
  2. Get in touch and discuss your needs.
  3. I will need:
    • Access to your sourcecode.
    • A user on App Store Connect that can submit new versions to the store and create provisioning profiles.
  4. I will install a framework to report crashes, and submit that to the App Store.
  5. Detected crashes will be fixed and the fixes submitted to the App Store.
  6. New iOS versions will be tested with you App. If there are issues, those will be fixed and again the fixed version will be submitted to the App Store.