iOS App Development

My main focus is developing apps for the iOS platform. I have worked on several apps over the years, big and small.

Centraal Beheer

As part of the Achmea App Factory I work on the Centraal Beheer app.

EduVPN client app

For Surfnet an app was developed that allows users to log in to their facility's network, obtain an OpenVPN profile and transfer that profile into the OpenVPN connect app.

Nyon Orderwriter

Nyon created an app called Orderwriter to facilitate Fashion Retailers with their seasonal inventory purchasing.

ING Bankieren App

The ING Bank released a mobile banking app in october 2011. Over a period of over two years I was involved with the development of various features on the ING Mobile Banking iOS App. The iOS app was developed by a team of 5 developers of which I was part. The team operated in a larger context with a number of other teams providing the server side code and implementations for other mobile platforms.

The app has a consistent 4.5 star rating.

Xebia Essentials App

The Xebia Essentials app was developed by a co-worker to showcase the Xebia Essentials cards. During its maintenance I helped by adding features, fixing bugs and updating the codebase. Xebia: "Software Development Done Right". More information:

Seb@stiaan School App

The Seb@stiaan school app is an app for a primary school in the Netherlands. With this app, end users are able to receive information and updates from the team at the Seb@stiaan School. It is targeted at the children's parents. Information is regularly updated by the team at Seb@stiaan school through the App.

XebiCon Schedule App

The XebiCon schedule app was developed in my evening hours while working my day job at Xebia. It is a backed conference schedule app. It provides its end-users an up to date overview of the events planned during the XebiCon 2014 conference. All data within the App is regularly updated from the back-end.